Stone Soup Café Saturday Meal

Stone Soup Café Saturday Meal

Saturday, June 10, 2023, 12:00 pm until 12:30 pm
399 Main Street, Greenfield, MA - Red Door on Hope Street

Celebrate PRIDE with Stone Soup Café!

In the radiant month of June, we unite!

Embracing diversity, celebrating with delight!

Challenging prejudice, spreading grace

Proudly we stand, in every space

We're cooking up a delicious meal

Made with love and joy, that's real!

Come on down to your hometown Café

Celebrate Franklin County Pride today

For we are blessed across the year

With our community we hold so dear

---> Volunteer with Stone Soup Café at the PRIDE event at Energy Park!

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---> Pay-What-You-Can for your meal.

A Word About Our Food

Our meals are good and good for you!

The Café’s food philosophy is the reason its menus and meals have become a popular draw to our community. Our philosophy is to find a celebration that falls on each Saturday (or close to it) from any tradition or place on the planet.

Each week the Chef team searches the world for these opportunities to celebrate our community. We embrace cuisine from around the world and bring it to the table for all to eat. Our desire is to provide palette-expanding opportunities that meet the needs of all our guests.

Our food is made from scratch – rarely opening cans or boxes – and meets the needs of any dietary preference or restriction. Our weekly menu offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free foods as well as meat or fish protein options.

We believe that when we sit down together and share a meal we become a beloved community – a family who shares times of celebration and traditions.

Have a favorite celebration that you’d like to suggest to us? Send us an email!