CL Dukes


Former Vice President of the Board

CL Dukes (we/she) is persistent, charming, creative, curious, dramatic, exuberant with chutzpah ... a human BEing trickster who lives her life laughing out loud. Disruptive and alienating, she quest(ions)s with daring by illuminating the complex multiplicities of paradox wrapped in conundrums of our human(e)s' suffering ... delightful dance fraught with joy ... while puddle-stomping the seas of despair in the time of pandemic ... grief and sorrow.

We alchemy transform our current state to default us (a)way to power-pound cake .... by passing the incremental change (cash-register-ring) of more status quo branded with ReMeme(able)-depth, tone-deaf-texture, and subatomic color. We panopticon our witness and belay on our collective interconnection.