Ask the Chef! Tonight at 6:30pm!

Chef Kirsten is on the hot seat...!

Join Stone Soup Café TONIGHT at 6:30pm EST for this month's Virtual Café Hangout: Ask the Chef!

Many of you have wondered how we select recipes, how we plan our menus, how we pick the meal's theme, where we get our local ingredients, or how Kirsten makes the most DELICIOUS gluten-free desserts! Chef Kirsten shares all her secrets TODAY at 6:30pm!

Ask the Chef everything you ever wanted to know about flavors, recipes, and how the meals come together every Saturday. Pop in! Pop out!

Click this link to join at 6:30PM:

You are invited to bring your questions and curiosity, or just say, "Hi!" We'd love to see your face.

See you tonight!

Jansyn Thaw