Updates to COVID protocol...

Same same, but different.

Steve and Kirsten love you!

Hello Beloved Volunteers!

I'm popping in to say "hi" and "we love you" and to give you some updates about the Café's COVID protocol.

We'd hoped that by now masks would be ancient history. But because we interact with vulnerable populations --and because some of our friends manage to contract COVID even after getting the vaccine(!)-- we are requiring MASKS ON both inside and outside the Café for all volunteers and staff for the indefinite future.

(Remember, guests are not required to mask-up while they are outside getting their meals.)

We did, however, do away with the temperature-taking requirement during check in! Woohoo! Be gone, fidgety and inaccurate thermometers!! Now you only need to check in for your shift using the tablet.

Thanks everyone for bearing with us through all these precautionary inconveniences. We love you all for sticking with us and taking this all in stride.

Be well and see you soon,

Jansyn Thaw (she/her), Director of Programs, Stone Soup Café

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