Art Auction

Donate your art in support of Stone Soup!


By donating your artwork, you’ll be part of an amazing annual event that celebrates all things local -- local farmers, local food, and local creativity! Your contribution will help support Stone Soup Café's amazing work, and showcase the incredible artistic talent we have in our area.

Artwork will be prominently displayed at this year's Harvest Supper on Saturday, August 24th from 4-7pm on the Greenfield Town Common. All items will also be viewable online beginning August 1st.

How to Submit Your Art:

  • Submit your artwork online by Tuesday, July 30th.

  • Fill out the online submission form or email

  • Provide a photo of your piece, a brief description, dimensions, and medium.

  • Estimate the "Fair Market Value" of the piece (i.e. how much you would sell it for).

Other FAQs

  • We will coordinate art drop off/ pick up beginning in August.

  • Opening bids will be set at 30-50% of the item’s value.

  • A “buy it now" option will be set at 100-120% of the item’s value.

  • The auction will have no more than 25 pieces of art.

  • Each person can submit up to 3 items.

  • If the weather is bad, we will not display art outside. Instead, we will relocate the exhibit indoors (location TBD).

  • Art that does not sell will be returned to the artist by August 31st.

  • For questions, contact

Benefits to the Artist:

  • Publicity: Your artwork will be showcased online and in person at the Harvest Supper, providing excellent exposure to a diverse audience. Each piece will be accompanied by a description and artist bio, giving you the recognition you deserve.

  • Positive Impact: By participating, you'll be making a direct, positive impact on the lives of those in our community. Your art will help provide meals, essential items, and educational opportunities for those in need.

  • Community Building: This event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other local artists, art enthusiasts, and community members who are interested in learning more about local artists.

About Harvest Supper:

The Harvest Supper is an annual celebration that brings together our community to celebrate the bounty of the county. Hosted by Stone Soup Café on the Greenfield Town Common, this event features a delicious array of locally sourced dishes, live music, and family-friendly activities. It's our biggest annual pay-what-you-can meal, with over 700 people eating together! It’s a joyous occasion where people from all walks of life gather to share food, connect, and celebrate the rich agricultural abundance of our region.

Join us on Saturday, August 24th from 4-7pm!

Help make this event a success and share your artistic gifts with our community. Your generosity will help raise funds and bring joy to those who attend the Harvest Supper.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful artwork!