Community Programming

spanish hour

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We believe that part of health includes feeling valued and useful when participating in activities. Therefore, all of our guests are invited to participate at the Café as volunteers, support fundraising events, and join different parts of our team. If you are interested in knowing more about any of these opportunities feel free to discuss it with our Executive Director, Kirsten Levitt.

Spanish Hour!


¿Vives en Franklin County y hablas español?

Want to practice your Spanish language skills, or speak Spanish with native speakers?

Come share a meal with other Spanish speakers outside Stone Soup Café.

¡Ven a decir "Hola"!

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Tabling on Saturdays

On any given Saturday you may find a community agency, such as The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts offering sign-up services for SNAP benefits. Or perhaps you may encounter folks from the People’s Medicine Project providing education and samples of natural medicines that heal your body, mind, and soul. We partnered with the Community Health Center (CHC) to hold a Health Fair at the Café in 2018 and we had health practitioners on-site at the café at least once a month until the pandemic started in 2020.


Before the pandemic, each week after the meal a Council is offered. Council is a listening and speaking from the heart circle discussion group. A member of the Café community who has been trained in this practice facilitates the Council. Ariel Pliskin offered facilitator training in 2018. We hope to re-instate council practice soon, as it's been on hold during the pandemic.

Wellness Groups

We host different kinds of wellness groups throughout the season

The Café has also had a weekly Writer’s Group as well as an Art Group. The groups were facilitated by Café community members and supported by Café staff. These groups are currently inactive. However, if you have an idea for an offering please feel free to discuss it with our executive director, Kirsten Levitt.