COVID-19 Safety Protocols

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  • All staff and volunteers are required to wear face masks while working.

    • PPE: Masks, gloves, hair nets, beard nets, and aprons are provided to every staff member and volunteer.

    • Mask fit is an essential part of preventing the spread of COVID-19 - the Café has a volunteer seamstress who will measure, sew, and fit masks for any and all persons who need them at no cost.

    • Wear masks at all times when in the company of other staff and volunteers.

    • Wash hands upon entering the building, and frequently during their shift.

    • Wear gloves, hair coverings, and aprons. Change gloves as prescribed by SERV-safe standards.

    • Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth, and face.

    • Cough and or sneeze into a tissue, and throw it carefully in a garbage can. Then mandatory hand washing and glove change are required.

  • All staff and volunteers are to comply with SERV-safe guidelines for cleanliness and hygiene. Frequent handwashing and glove changes are required.

  • All staff and volunteers working with food will wear an apron and change their apron if contaminated with raw meat, allergens, or foodstuffs.

  • All staff and volunteers are expected to work their shifts as long as they are well according to these guidelines:

    • Have not been to a high-risk state within the last 14 days or if they have, they have tested negative for Covid-19

    • Have been practicing social distancing

    • Do not have diarrhea

    • Have no symptoms of cough, sneezing, congestion, or fever

    • Check-in at the beginning of their shift and answer the following questions:

      • Have you been out of the state in the past 2 weeks?

      • Have you been around other people who have been ill?

      • Have you been ill or had a fever in the last 48 hours?

      • Temperature Screening - anyone having a temperature of 100.3 (as per CDC Guideline) or above will be asked to leave the premises.

      • SSC will maintain these records for a minimum of 6 months

  • All staff and volunteers must practice social distancing:

    • Keep at least 6 feet away from other staff, volunteers, and guests as much as possible.

    • Avoid touch of or touching other people and objects (e.g. don’t run hands over items in inventory as you look for an item)

  • All staff must clean (or direct volunteers how to) sanitize all surfaces before, during, and after use.

    • All hard surfaces are sanitized (using diluted bleach or lysol solution, sanitabs, clorox wipes, and clean cloths) including: Door handles, Tables, Kitchen Equipment, Handrails, Light Switches.

    • All washed items are put through the 3rd bay sanitizing station.

    • Sanitized items will be restocked wearing clean gloves when dry.

  • All staff and volunteers are to hang their outer garments on the coat rack.

    • Please leave your valuables at home or in your car.

      • If you cannot do that then -purses and backpacks can be placed in Room B.


  • Only volunteers and staff will be allowed access inside the building.

  • Public bathroom use is suspended.

  • Volunteer and Staff Crews:

    • Prep & Cooking crews are spread out across the kitchen and dining hall

      • Stagger prep shifts so that fewer people are working at a time

        • 2 prep shifts on Friday (2:00-4:30 and 4:30 - 6:00

        • Multiple shifts on Saturday consisting of the following:

          • Cooking crew - 2 people in kitchen - 3 people in parish hall

          • Pickup and Delivery set up crew - 3 people in the parish hall

          • Meal Packing crew - 4-6 people on the serving line - 1 item per 6” table - all meals are boxed and labeled and sent out the window to curbside or placed on the delivery team table for bagging.

          • Delivery Team - 2 people will fill orders and pack bags

          • Cleanup Crew of 2-3 people in the kitchen, 1- 2 people in the parish hall

          • Curbside Pickup and Pantry - 7 person crew - 2 “hosts”, 3 meal handlers, 2 curbside pantry - these people access the building:

            • to check-in

            • Move tents, tables, and set up the meal and pantry locations

            • To bring all supplies and equipment back into the building.

  • There are 2 meal options:

    • Vegan

    • Meat

      • Occasionally there is a vegetarian option

  • Meals are simple, hot and nutritious

  • All meals are served in take out containers - there may be 3 or 4 components to the meal - soup, salad, entree, and dessert - each one will be in its own container

  • Meals are served pre-boxed for curbside pickup on Saturdays from 12pm - 1:30pm from tables outside of the building under a tent

    • The sidewalk is marked off in 6’ increments so that people in line will be socially distanced

  • Meal service is reviewed on a weekly basis for possible improvements to the systems in place.

  • Council is canceled until further notice.

  • We will not offer ancillary services - (Tapestry, FCCHC, etc..) until further notice.

Curbside Pickup - Set-Up:

  • At 11:00am we set up a pop-up tent outside of the café - We use an 8 ft table set up under the tent - Donations will be allowed - dropped into a large open bucket and handled with proper precautions

  • We use chalk and mark the sidewalk with 6’ feet apart for folks to stand on line and practice social distancing.

  • Meals are packed in to-go boxes, soups will be in cups with lids, salads and desserts in their own boxes, additional items (packaged bread, kombucha, Maple Mama) will be handed out by placing the can into the bag - no physical contact will happen.

  • Volunteers oversee the table, line, and supplies.

    • 2 hosts monitor the line, greet our guests, take orders, check off RSVPs and hand out masks to those who need them

  • Volunteers wear gloves and face masks during this activity. In case gloves become soiled, Hand Sanitizer and fresh gloves will be available to allow a change of gloves.

  • All orders are taken and filled by the curbside team - no patrons touch the food containers or bags until they are handed their completed order

Delivery Routine:

  • Delivery Coordinators will work to create delivery routes, labels, and pickup lists for each Saturday meal

    • RSVP lists, Blank forms for guest information and future orders, drive routes and labels for each order are printed and delivered to the Café by that days’ delivery team captain.

  • All orders are packaged at the Café and double-checked before being given to the delivery driver

    • The team captain and one expediter pack all bags according to drivers routes.

  • Drivers are emailed the evening before to ascertain if they are still available for making deliveries and will be given the following information:

    • Drivers are called and/or texted when their orders are ready for delivery

    • Drivers pick up the packaged meals and address from the Café - Café staff bring the food out to a table that is set up outside for drivers to take their orders - handsfree handoff of all orders

    • Drivers will deliver the meals to the stated address(es)

      • Drivers leave the bag of food at the door

      • Drivers are given gloves and wipes to use during their deliveries if requested.

COVID Sanitation procedures:

  • Sanitize and wipe down all surfaces before each shift begins including:

    • Rails, light switches, doorknobs, tables, counters, cabinets, kitchen equipment

  • Clean restrooms after each work session.

  • Leave fans running in key areas at all times to ensure proper ventilation.

In case of illness and/or suspected COVID-19 infections:

  • Advise sick employees of home isolation criteria

  • Isolate and transport those who are sick

    • Make sure that employees know they should not come to work if they are sick, and they should notify their manager or other designated COVID-19 points of contact if they become sick with COVID-19 symptoms, test positive for COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed or suspected case.

    • Immediately separate employees or customers with COVID-19 symptoms (i.e., fever, cough, shortness of breath). Individuals who are sick should go home or to a healthcare facility, depending on how severe their symptoms are and follow CDC guidance for caring for oneself and others who are sick.

  • Clean and Disinfect

  • Notify Health Officials and Close Contacts

This document was created using the CDC Considerations for Restaurants and Bars resource found here:

Community Guidelines

By having guidelines we create a space that is safe for everyone

• Treat all with dignity, respect, and kindness

• Refrain from rude & disruptive behavior

• Communicate with language that is inclusive and compassionate

• Strive to share knowledge and build relationships with the community

• Respect others’ boundaries

• Remain open to learning new skills and refraining from self criticisms

• Work with mindful intention and ask for clarification if confused

I understand that building a healthy community requires my investment and observation of community guidelines. I politely speak up when I believe I am not respected.

I understand that if my actions indicate a lack of investment, I will be asked to take responsibility for my actions or stop attending. I listen when someone expresses how he or she believes I have disrespected them and actively work to solve the issue or ask for help if the situation is too challenging.

I understand that if my actions indicate a lack of investment, I will be asked to take responsibility for my actions or stop attending. I listen when someone expresses how they believe I have disrespected them and actively work to solve the issue or ask for help if the situation is too challenging.