Meeting Our Community’s Needs

When the Café began its founders knew that the county was a food dessert for people in need of meals and food pantries during the weekend. They knew that creating a meal would help alleviate the food gap that affected 10 – 15% of our residents. Yet the needs did not stop there. Click here to read about meeting the needs of our community.

It was clear to the founders that the community needed a safe space for people to spend time together, to form friendships and alliances, to learn and grow as individuals and as a community.

To that end that Café provides opportunities on a regular basis to engage with one another beyond the meal. Click here to see what we offer!

Community Facts

In the 2012 Community Action Needs Assessment reported that

• 75% of Franklin County/North Quabbin residents say they do not have local places to hang out with friends and family together.

• 65% of Franklin County/North Quabbin residents said there are not others they can turn to for help in their community.”